Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This country is coming a loose at the seams. Now we have a president who actually is trying to get needle and thread and sew it back up. Some people who claim to be intelligent, worldly, are not looking at our situation globally. They are acting like enemies of the state. Are they trying to defeat us from the within? To stop this man, our president from repairing a torn republic. Medicare will be bankrupt in several years, our manufacturing sector is not competing at all, we have to borrow money from a previous socialist country to sustain ourselves. Adam Smith wrote a book about "Petro Dollars" because at one time we thought that with all the investment coming from OPEC that they would actually have a majority stake in America. Now it really seems like the Chinese will. The Chinese are the tireless. They are the manufactures of the world. America is far behind in the creation of technology patents. Look at and see what the Chinese are doing with their time, you can buy a watch that is actually a cell phone with a camera that is looks nice. Their children study they don't play and waste time like America's they know they have to compete. We as Americans have become complacent. Sports and the arena is what ruined Rome. Now ask yourself "What are the most looked at television shows in America?" Answer the NFL Monday night Football and the WWE with is on three nights a week. Our children have false hope and dreams with these shows of athletic prowess. Where is the stimulation and brain athletics that count toward a more realistic future. There are commercials on that say that children buy $140.00 sneakers hoping to learn to play basketball and will never have talent enough to be a professional athlete. So is there anything wrong with telling them to exercise their brain where they truly have a chance of real success that will also benefit a country that need their success? Not far behind China in education is India. India's honor role students equal the total number of students in America's schools. We have to compete in this world; our children have to compete in technology and manufacturing. Stop the excuses. Excuses are the tools of the mediocre which what we have become. Wake up America.

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