Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sex, Drugs, and Rock Roll

What happened to the time when politicians and the leaders of our great country had law degrees. These days we wonder if America is seeing it's last glimpse of the sunlight as the world leader. The wisdom that comes from education, experience and common sense starting with the founding fathers of this great nation. Today, we do not have deep thinkers, people who sit, contemplate and act on those great thought popular or no. As Gen. George Washington sat on the shores of the Potomac River facing a lack of funding from congress for the revolutionary war his been without shoes or food becoming meager and popular thought saying surrender all in the Snow of the northern states of winter. But Gen Washington having thou hgt it through and knew the outcome would be victorious. Thus creating a new country of freedom of its people from Britain, sailed across the Potomac River with his men with courage and commitment.

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, are learned men of deep contemplative thoughts of the future of these United States and it's constituents. The framework of the United States seems to be something that as time goes by needs someone (out politicians to pay attention to) is not a living document, it is static, it is not dynamic. hard choices hae to be made, truth has to be victorious, and courage has to be possessed by the leaders of this great country. Over the past one hundred years there has been only several courageous leaders who stood with conviction of their thoughts of staying on the side of righteousness, thoughtfulness, love, morality, and integrity. John F. Kennedy, Martin L. King, Lyndon B. Johnson, Malcom Shabazz, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama are examples of great leaders and thinkers.

The Tea Party has good intentions, but it seems there is not a a well read person or anyone of great thinking abilities among the top brass which does not lend to good leadership.

In 1974 there was a oil shortage in the United States. Gas was not available in the needed quantities or so we were told. The prices escalated. To have order legislation was [passed in California, the number "3" state in public education and a booming economy, mad provision for cars with the licence number ending in an even number to purchase gas only on even days Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And cars with licences ending in odd numbers purchasing gas on odd days Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. However, because of the nature of America we did not seek to pursue aggressively an alternative fuel or means of transportation that was not make us a slave to another country. A group of Arab OPEC countries which now provides terrorist with the religious and financial backing to attack America and the world to like communism make the whole world Islamic. Hopefully like Communism it will not succeed in doing. But what is America's nature? Is our culture the same as out nature?

After long conversations with some people, I have come to the conclusion that America's nature is held in it's people. In out society we want more now. More materialistic things, the bigger the better, from houses to our fast food sandwiches. Which brings me to the second point we want it fast and easy. Everything microwavable. So it doesn't surprise the world that eh population in America is the most obese country in the world. In America we coined the phrase couch potato and the 12 ounce curl as an exercise. Lifting a beer to to your mouth is not an exercises. Americans are LAZY. Which leads me to the question "Are our freshman politicians stupid caused by their laziness a reflection of the country? A population that is told what to think by pundits. Are we so lazy that we won't think a thing through to completion. Or do we know how? Are there no more thinkers? Not to mention great thinkers. Let us return to reading, thinking and exercising your brain. Turn off ther idiot box. Here is a word for you today atrophy. "Without reading atrophy of the brain begins."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Create My Universe With My Thoughts

"My Happy Place"
I can smell the salty air, hear the sea gulls, and feel the sand between my toes. The waves are crashing and the mist them feels nice. I can her Julie screaming for ther dog Singer to wake up. I want to run to her and warn her but I can't. I am sitting in my bed reading a book, "The Guardian". I have created my own universe with my thoughts while reading my book, it feels like I'm there.
One of my favorite escapes is reading a book especially when I am down and need a break from the real world. A mypopic amount of real people don't like to read but they don't know how great it is when you can escape by reading. It is also possible by imaginig any place you want to be and anyone you want to be.
Life is stressful and crazy sometimes. Everyone needs a way to relax and get away from there stressors. Imagining and reading are the perfect ways of creating another universe where your real problems don't exist. Mary Beth McIntyre Class of 2011

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Before It Can Become A Reality It Must First Be a Thought

The quote "Before it can become a real it must first begin as a thought." There are several reasons I chose this quote to write an essay on; first is because once you read this quote then you start questioning yourself and what it means. I feel that if people didn't think then we wouldn't have food, government, homes, clothes or maybe we wouldn't be here. If no one would have thought about houses, then everyone would be living on the streets. The clothes and shoes that you have on were thought of by someone. If we didn't have thoughts we wouldn't have a world. Thinking about things is the only way it is going to become a reality. Many people may think the things that they have today fell out of the sky, but they are wrong. It went through someone's mind as a thought and out as a realtiy. Once you have read this quote tell me what it made you think about. did you know that the new 2011 Air Jordan's are designed by a woman. Class of 2013 Deneasha Armour

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Does It Mean To Want Something?

A serious question only you can answer. To want is something that most people think should be given to them. They think of it as dreams that magically become reality. I think to want something is to work your hardest at getting it.
I always thought things were supposed to be handed to me. It's a little obvious that I was wrong. I couldn't figure out why I was never successfull at anything, I never studied, practiced nor did I ever give 100% effort. I was basically known as wasted talent. I now believe maturity is a big factor in life when it comes to wanting something. As I hae matured I now realize that a starting spot will not be handed to me because of my last name or a 100% on a test will not be given due to the fact that I have potential. The main things I have to do to recieve the things I want is to work hard, think bigger than my dreams, and strive everday until I earn it. So to answer my question, "What do mean to want something?". It means the choice is left up to you and what you are gooing to do to recieve it. Austin McCant Class of 2013