Friday, January 7, 2011

America and Common Sense

Common Sense" a book written by Adam Smith, about a economic crisis in American the petro dollar. The Petro dollar the new currency of America back by OPEC oil due to loans to America which America can’t pay even the interest. Can you imagine the bust of Sheik s on our currency? I am not going to talk about OPEC but about oil, but think about it sometimes at your leisure. The ripping off American citizens. Do a little research. Venezuela, represents the nationalization of utility companies. America should think about that. China and their smart business moves throughout the world has positioned them for world economic and technological dominance. America is becoming very fool hard like a “John Hardy Stud Party” where a bunch of inebriated young men do foolish things. The men of the GOP is acting as the boys in the John Hardy Stud Party and the Democratic political party is like a bunch of “Tommy Lunchmeat" sandwich eaters just give them a sandwich tells them what to do and they will follow orders. We live in the finest capitalist society on the planet. The United States grew to become the most wealthy country on the planet. We have been ruined by these incompetent parties. We as a government and a people do not use common sense and before the book "Common Sense" becomes a reality ,accept we will be using the Chinese money (the Chinese yuan) as our currency and living like America 1954 every family will bake their own bread and plant their own garden and hang their clothes own the clothes line to dry.
Here is a list of foolish ideas:
1. How did we elect a president who bankrupted the state of Texas s governor. Would not his past action be a hint of his future actions? (They do reference checks even at McDonalds.)
2. How can people making less than fifty thousand dollars a year think the republican party really has their best interest in mind?(Go back to the recovery of the Depression)
3.Do we really need to go against nature and prolong life, thereby creating a situation that is overwhelming to our planet? (Hint; Look up the word "aggregation" in a high school biology book.)
4.How did the hippies of the 1960’s free love generation turn to wall Street ivory towers for employment. It is true they did go to wall street after coming down from a false euphoria

It's all common sense. Make love not war. The Chinese are currently conquering the world by making love to the business communities of the world. We went over to Iraq to displace a dictator trained by America and we destroy the country he built because we could not see any use for him and we had not the wisdom or genius to offer help from a business aspect. Therefore we went to war and spent 30 billion a month to fight and China spent nothing and came out with the contract to help the Iraquis build a new oil refinery, from which they create profit in money and oil for their countrymen. America is making war all over the world and China is conquering the world one country at a time with business strategies and commerce.
Southern American citizens and some northerners earning less than $100,000 per year are pro republicans. All morals and religion aside once you come back down to earth after go to church meeting you have to buy groceries, pay rent or a mortgage, pay a car note , insurance and school clothes for your children and try to find work. How? They vote these people in party, while this party is doing everything they can to eliminate all forms of economic aid, and a profitability strategy for the small business owner. Why have none of the banks given small business loans when it is a fact that they have over a trillion dollars in their coffers . But they have made it their business to find every way to take your home from you and make you and your children homeless when you are have no way of sustain shelter for your family. When all they are going to do is sit on the house and let the grass and weeds grow. Corporate welfare is what republicans are all about. Who decided to bail out they banks after they stole 1 trillion dollars from the American people. They will blame it on the home bubble but we can see the truth if we follow the money which any good detective worth the gum on his shoe will tell to do, to find the crook. Which in this case leads from AIG to Goldman Sacs, and to a question, why is Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson, Jr. (born March 28, 1946) who is now serving as the 74th United States Treasury Secretary. What is his affiliation now with Goldman Sacs? He previously served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs. Tim Geithner believes along with Henry Paulson, that the United States Department of the Treasury needs new authority to experiment with responses to the financial crisis of 2007–2010.(Sounds like a code for do what you want.) You know what makes me question the common sense of our politicians? Is that if they wanted to fix the economy why didn't they give the stimulus directly to the people in the form of a check with a value of few hundred thousand dollars per household. That would have gotten the economy going. People would have been spending money, manufactures would have had to increase their output, volume of banking transactions would have increased, small business loans would have increased sharply, and debt would have disappeared. Some smart people would have saved some for a rainy day and others would have spent out. And the economy would have been sound and on a level field. These houses that are now being foreclosed, could have been paid for.
Why don't we the people nationalize the utilities and provide these things which are needed by masses to them. Because the big money men use the stock market to gamble on these utilities, driving up the cost and making people homeless. Why is gas now at 3 dollars a gallon and the prediction is that by 2013 it will be 5 dollars per gallon at which time only folks earning upper middle class salaries will drive for recreation. (Why does gas refined in America burn so fast? Why does Hugo Chavez so called enemy of America, President of Venuzuela, friend of Castro , CEO of Citgo oil and gas, the Venuzuelan National G and Oil company supplementing the heating oil cost of our senior citizens and poor of New York state with 50 percent off of the cost of heating during the winter. What is this, giving free gas to the American poor? Does giving them one less of a choice between staying warm, paying rent, getting their medication or eating dog food to make meat loaf qualify them as enemy of the States? While the top 3% of income earners (those person who earns $250,000 plus a year ) are shielded from car pooling ,walking and riding a bicycle out of necessity to and from work cause here we go again, making a choice between food clothing shelter, medicine and dog meat for meatloaf. Homelessness will be increased sharply because you will not be able to pay for rent, gas, utilities, and groceries. What there will be two families per household? The paradigm will shift again from traditional families to women led households, (you know mother, grandmother, children and girlfriend) to multiple women led families, and traditional families living with the siblings family, to create gypsy styled households. There was a doctor who addresses the graduating class at Stanford in 1961 who said that because of the inebriated state of the American public due to pharmaceutical drugs, the politician would be able to present and sign anything into law without a peep from the people. Let me ask “What are the most common drugs on the market to day?” Tranquilizers and pain relievers which have the same affect on the mind. A few of the most common prescription drugs that are most prescribed, and over used Xanax, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Percoset, Loritab. What commercials do you see most on TV? Pharmaceuticals.
Health care is the number two cause of financial disaster we are heading into because of the rise in premiums and the cost of unnecessary treatment. People at some point in their lives are supposed to die. Let them die. Three quarters of hospital bill of a terminally ill patient is born from the resuscitation efforts and unnatural life (a ventilator). Nature has a way of helping the species to survive. The individual must make room for the newborn. Don't be selfish let that person go they want to go anyway and your are holding them from a more peace situation. (If the shoe fits wear it.)
Let’s look at the upside of this. There will be a decrease need for food in the States, therefore an increase in food supplies. The pollution will decrease. People will become healthier and the planet will become healthier. The amount of water used will be decreased. There will be me more water for the future. Less cattle will be needed and less structures will be needed. Lumber will be not needed as much (our oxygen source living trees).
Lets go back to old time schooling and teaching methods. These methods were what we were using when America was number 1,2, and 3 in reading, writing and arithmetic in the 1960 and early 1970's in the world. When students learned to read by phonetics, you know sounding out the words. You might remember "Run Spot run." In math teachers taught how to read a ruler in the third grade. This was the beginnings of engineering thought by the students.
Because of the want and love of money we have sold out all that is good and precious to America. Education administrators to keep their job, they come up with different (non working) ideas on how to change the education system with new methods of teaching. If it was not broke why did they try to fix it. If you fix something that is not broken, you have broken it. It is not that the method was bad in the first place, but to keep their job and validate the usefulness to the administrations the administrators felt they had to create something new and different to validate their exuberant salaries of 100 plus thousand dollars per year. While the teachers who are in the trenches are making 26 to 45 thousand a year after 20 years and taking a beating for it, being abused by parents, students and administrators. Our children who will inherit this country are given an ill service. We leave them without a legacy or resources. What will they do for food, water, education or any engineering know how? Will they be able to afford heat or build heating elements? Very few of our schools teach skills, like sewing, carpentry, commercial or residential electricity or auto mechanics. What was wrong with the way the great grand parents brought up today’s grandparents. Nothing! It worked and again we fixed something that was not broken and broke it. Conventional wisdom says go back to the way it was. Paul to Timothy let us not forget the old landmarks
If the soldier is not taken care of and the suits and brass is worried only about themselves what kind of army will you have. At most undergraduate colleges as a requirement do they study great generals like Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Alexander, Hannibal and Patton ? Generals who where in the field with the soldiers, who slept and ate what the soldiers ate. Notice the sentiment these generals had for their army. We treat our veteran soldiers like garbage and disdain in some cases. Were their mental illness is direct result of battle.
Let us buy back out country. Lobbyist buy the country and the votes needed by senate and Congress to pass a particular bill in their favor. If each family with a income of less than 25 thousand dollars per year gave 5 dollars to the "Buy Back America Campaign" We could buy America from the interest groups the same way the insurance and oil industries do with high paid lobbyist representing their interest. Remember money talks an bull poop walks. Send five dollars and tell your friends to send five dollars. There are about 600 million people in America with about 1.5 million families. I am sure we could make a change for the betterment of our country the good old American way, "Buy It"....

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