Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Off the Octuplet Mom's Back

Why do they call babies "precious", are they? I am definately not upset cause she has more babies than me. More power to the "Octuplet Mom", because she is going to need it and some sleep. If she is rich in what counts I definately don't want to mine that gold for 22 years. Wait mining for babies mean sex and alot of it. If I didn't have to pay taxes in exhange to raise 14 children I would probably volunteer to pay taxes. She can have those headaches. I would rather live in the cave of Afganistan and fight with the Taliban.

Plastic surgery to enhance my looks, maybe. Lasik surgery to improve my vision, maybe. A rhinoplasty to improve a sinus problem, maybe. Am I upset because she prettier than me. No, she looks much better than she did before. They say the highest praise is imitation. High praise to Angelic Jolie from he Octuplet Mom. Angelic Jolie is pretty but I don't think as pretty as Marilyn Monroe or Vanessa Williams. I believe the Octuplet Mom got the plastic surgery just for beauty enhancement and as a result she does favor Ms. Jolie. Would you pay for the plastic surgery to be the best looking that you can? a lot of people do. There is a show on Television call "Nip Tuck" The topics of that show is sex and beauty. Could she be victim of a different sorts, as a resut of all the talk across this nation of beauty, Cosmopolitan Magazine and the image it portray.s Plastic surgery has done miracles for some. She does have more motherly tendancies than me that's is for sure. I am sure that she loves kids with a passion. In no way would I sign on for her job? I just hope she has strength enough to actually get it done. Can you imagine 18 long years of raising 14 kids.? It reminds me of the show Wde World Of Sports "The feeling of victory and the agony of defeat" she is a winner and in the end will prove it by her endurance. You know what the scripture "The race is not given to the swift but to those who endure". You know people like her are going to be rich in some way or another because of their willingness to get it done, what ever that may be. The Holy Khoran and Holy Bible say says that riches come in two forms children and money. Why do people say such mean things about her? I remember in junior high school and how cruel seventh grader's were who picked on me because I was poor. I had only one nice pair of jeans that I wore over every day, which gave me an inferiority complex. Perhaps you were one of the those one of those who got caled names, or bulied, or perhaps you were the bully. Anger is one thing, but to outwardly judge is wrong. I was told that "People who judge don't count and people who count don't judge." Do you pay taxes, and you live in a free country of America bound only by the law. You do pay taxes and portion of thoses taxes do go to the unfortunate. Libertarians pay for govenmnetal services they want, or don't pay and are not given the services. Republican pay and say "Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps". Democrats say " We are here to provide services for all who live in this country rich or poor". Abraham Lincoln was a republican. The republicans of that time were a caring for the social welfare for people. They bore in mind their concerns for needs of all of the country's citizens free and enslaved. Now the philosphies have switched and the republicans are a party to provide services for Corporate America and the top 3% nation those makeing 250,000 a year or more. But look where that has gotten America, damn near in the poor house. We used to be the No.1 economic superpower on this planet, now to being tied for number three. China being number one and saving our ass financially from ruin. Can you believe that a former communist country saving a 100% democratic republic. Gone from being the richest nation, to being being a debter nation.

Live and let live.

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