Friday, March 20, 2009

I Had A "Hell A Va Dream"

Early this morning around 5 am I guess I had an a nightmare, also at the same time a very insightful dream. My guess would be, a word from "the Lord". I was sent to hell for eternity. I was sent to a forest or jungle where I would be hunted by a man with a bow and arrow until I was hit by the arrow until killed in pain over and over for eternity. After experiencing that I said "Hell naw that is not the way I want to spend eternity." Some how I was able to communicate with my mother who was a God fearing woman all of her adult life that I can remember. She said when you get before the Lord petition him for something else and you will be blessed. So I did and I was sent down a hall way to a chamber that was glass enclosed where I saw a small hill with two naked women and a naked man chained up in different area's. The women were standing trying to run but the chains would not let them move much distance. The man was chained to the ground by all four limbs. Then suddenly out of the ground came a burst or flame engulfing each of the people like "instantaneous combustion". They were on fire for about 30 seconds and flame went out and this happened another time before I thought to myself this is worse than being chased to death by a bow and arrow wielding hunter trying to chase me down and kill me and dying in pain. At least I would get some rest and not be in pain for some while unless I got tired of running or was found hiding and then still I might not get shot. So I went back to the jungle and started running. Somewhere along the line I ran into another victim (person sentenced to hell) running in the jungle who was also being hunted. We started running with the hunter about 50 yards behind us. We turned and went into some high thick grassy vegetation. I laid down and told the other person to lay down quietly where he was until the hunter passed by hidden by the tall grass. The hunter did and ran right passed us. Soon after we knew he was far off are track of us, we stared running again. Somehow I found myself in downtown Atlanta near the Underground Mall. Again we were being hunted but this time by a person with a handgun. So again I hid still behind a building until the person passed by and just as he passed by I jumped him from behind and grabbed him around the neck and took the gun. He struggled, and somehow got away and I took aim and shot him dead. I stood there for a moment looking at his lifeless body in the street. Then I woke up.

What does this dream mean? Several thoughts went through my head, the first was that hell was a condition of your circumstance here on earth. No, that couldn't be it I thought. Then I thought don't take any advice from anyone about the condition that "The Lord" has put you in. It might seem bad it could definitely be worse. As far as I can tell now, when things are not going the way you want deal with them. Sometimes you must just lay still and endure the situation for a moment, it will pass by and give you a chance to perhaps overcome it. Or maybe I chose life and not death and was given another chance to live.

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  1. Thank GOD you choose life and life of abundance

    Live on!!!