Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three Movies of Relationships in American History

Quigley Down Under is a movie starring Tom Sellick, you know Magnum PI. It is a coincidence if you believe in coincidences that I am sitting watching three videos that are related in tales of morality and history. "Hidalgo", "The Bucket List", and "Quigley Down Under". All three movies were very good and entertaining. They also brought some realities more into view, all known but revisited. I hope this doesn't sound more of a movie a critique than that of a realization of this life on this planet called earth. This is perhaps more of a sad commentary on us as a people. The "Bucket List was the first of the movies I watched. It is a movie which stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The movies has two main characters, a well very read "Black" auto mechanic who watches “Jeopardy” every day. Freeman works at a cab company. and a "Jack" is a self made billionaire who buys, rehabs and sells hospitals for a profit. Both men are sick with cancer with less than year to live and funny enough but share a room in the hospital owned by Nicholson. Jack is a man who brings hospitals back into profitability and one of the thing he implements is two patients to a room "no exceptions". Great concept for bringing profitability, except when the owner of the hospital needs to be hospitalized and shares the room with a lower middle class black auto mechanic. But he cannot change this rule now. He has lived by this rule and pounded it and defended at public gatherings, and court rooms. Nicholson drinks coffee. The coffee he drinks happens to be the most expensive coffee in the world " Kopi Luwak " which runs on the average about $300 per pound. It is a great movie of two men who become friends during the realest time in a humans life the period of time when you realize your mortality. The time when you learn of your impending death, and the approximate time you have left on earth is under 1 year. This brings them to some comradery , which brings them to a friendship which takes them around the world. The “Bucket List” is a list of things they would want to do before they die. Like “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, laugh till you cry, and see something majestic”. Freeman laugh till he cries when he tell Nicholson that Kopi Luwak that came out the ass of a Civet. Kopi Luwak, comes from coffee berries which have passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet. The animal’s digestive system works as sort of a defacto depulping mechanism, yielding partially-digested beans coated with various internal essences and enzymes. The beans are harvested, cleaned, lightly roasted and sold. Nicholson gets a chance to “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world” when he is united with his estranged daughter who has a daughter and he kisses his granddaughter for the first time. Nicholson and Freeman die and are cremated and are in crypts on the top of the Himalayan Mountains the most majestic place in the world. To me the moral of the story, when all the trapping of this life and things are stripped away from humans we can live together in love and friendship. It is a movie for a mature audience and a great movie for Americans.

The second movie was the movie "Quigley Down Under".

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