Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President,

In the middle 1970's President Nixon, I believe initiated the CETA (Community Education Traing Act). During that time I was about 17 years old, if my memory serves me correctly. That program had training classes that paid approxitmately $130.00 per week. In todays money I guess that would be almost 400.00 per week. Even though President Nixon got alot of flack for some unscrupulous things he did that was definately one thing to me that made him one of the best Presidents this country has had. He, when it came to serving the common man was the peoples president in my opinion based upon my limited knowledge.

Would it be possible that instead of increasing the number of weeks a person is entitled to uenmployment that something like a paid training program be intiated in lue of increased unemployment. This would be mentally healthier, creating higher self essteem and confidence, and also teches a useful skill, or upgrades a skill. Teaching a entry level job like something in the technological field, like microcomputer training, clerical training, or even training in the hospitality industry which a career can be built upon. This would pay approximately $400.00 per week more or less depending on the cost of living for a particulatr community, this paid trainng would satisfy the transportation, food and shelter needs of a particular family. This will not train people for high paying careers right off. Some people might even think that this is below there pay grade according to past w-2's. Those people if willing to work a little harder, college maybe the thing for them or this can be used by those as a stop gap until they are ready to go to college. Some of the Govenors I think even who did not want to increase the length of unemloyment pay would agree to job training.

Thank You so much,

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