Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Morning. China is on there way to being the number one technological leader and economic power of the world. We as a country have to continue to invest more in our future. By the Chinese govenment estimation, by 2030 they without a doubt will be Numero Uno.
My name is Michael. I am also a middle aged black man. I am a newly highly qualified blology teacher at the high school level. This is my second year in the in Dade County school system. Every year at the beginning of the academic year we have a faculty meeting to go over the school's and the student's last years performances. Black children are at the bottom of the learning curve, not because of any learning deficiency but beacusse of the lack of trust of their teachers and the lack know how. My continued support to them is greatly needed as a teacher and others like me who help to increase the graduation rate of all students. Engineering graduates should be a topic concern and focus of our education system. Please help me help them.

Thank You,
Michael S.

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