Thursday, April 29, 2010


The Frisbee, slinky, andof course the Hula-Hoop, do you remember these toys? These were toys that sold millions and are still selling today from the 1960's. Remember when all the cheap little trinkets and things were made in China. Not so much anymore according Mr. Daxi Lee, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Businesses. Chinese people do not want menial labor jobs, they only want work in technology. China is the center for tech manufacturing of the world. China produces along with India more college graduates than any country in the world. India is the center for most computer programming in the world. India will graduate as many honor students as we have students. WTF. China graduates 30 percent of their students in engineering. America is behind the eight ball to begin with.
Americans because of lessening skills and education are now happy to have jobs forming plastics toys and working at fast food counters. We are becoming a second class country and the only way we can retain our position in the world is education in technology.
Can you imagine some of our students taking courses for a major in what amounts to a degree in playground. History majors, how many history teacher do we need and how many history experts does NASA need or the DOD (department of defense). Maybe, NASA or the DOD needs a Latin expert or maybe Aramaic expert a language that is not even spoken anymore. Maybe we can find an art major that is planning on becoming a tattoo artist, that will really help the United States. What can a person do with a art history degree? What can a person do with a poetry degree? A major in women studies is totally useless is this needed to become a member of women’s lib organization or maybe an officer of that organization? And WTF is leisure studies? Does this teach you how to make margaritas on the beach and enjoy them under a beach umbrella. Is this an off shoot of a major in hospitality? Come on let’s get real. After the last sentence I wonder the validity of some of the college and universities offering these majors. What kind of college offers leisure studies?
What self respecting college president would allow this as a part of his or her college’s curriculum? What is the board of trustees thinking?” We have money invested in the college and we need a return on our investment.”We can charge $32,000 a year and the parents will pay it for their children to get a 4 year degree in tether ball.” Now, for those who won't get a skill or college degree or is a national security threat because of your party all the time attitude, STOP! Get a skill, preferably a technological skill and put it to some good use. Be an asset to the world not a druggy or drunk.

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