Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yesterday afternoon was something to be remembered, geez! On my way to the school this morning I was thinking about the crazy thoughts that people have about some things. I was also thinking about how sometimes if you don't get out of the way, sometimes the shit that others are going through will get on you. (Remind me to tell you about goats sometimes).But that is another story. David Duke is a former resident of Louisiana, As amatter of fact he was a member of the of Louisiana House of Reprensatives. He was also the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Now he is a professor oversees giving lectures at local universities. I was looking at some comments on a article about 3 gitmo detainees 2 sent to Spain and one sent to another country. There was comment from a guy I believe from his name and picture wasfrom Trinidad. and thereasonI say this is that as a resident of south Florida you become well acquanited with Island people of the Carribean. Now his cmment were that he was tringto get a visa into Spain and they would not let him even though he was a retired businessmen with no criminal past. My esponse was that as a man of color your were not welcomed Spain like Portugal is not colored man friendly. Back toDavid Duke, look at his film on TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA and tell me what your belief is after seeing this film. Mine thought is that I believe him and question the common sense of American policy to give money to a terrorist country. My next thought is what is the strangle hold that Israel has on this corporation called America. Why do we support, defend and finance a terrorist country that attacks us and we have to intention of retribution after the loss of military lives in the hundreds and the destruction of a clearly marked battle ship. A people who call people of color "schwarts" behind closed doors. A people who do the most dastardly things against people of color even today. If you don't believe me ask the Palastines. Do yourself a favor and look at the discovey/history channel on military strategic genius, and look up Moses, who was a great military genius and leader of a people, but a man who was absolutely ruthless. Learn the history of a people. Not just what is on the surface.

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