Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Can't Sneak up on Nobody With Nikes on

How many times have you bought a pair of Nikes or know someone with a pair of Nikes that squeak? That is bullshit. People we must stop buying Nike shoes period. It is a shoe of inferior quality that is overpriced. The Nike tennis shoe I believe are now made and marketed to the children of poor folks whose only means of self esteem is the tennis that they wear. I get Nikes from China for a fraction of the cost. I am not going to pay another 40 dollars for same shoe that squeaks, has no arch suppport, and leaves me with a fallen arch, limping in pain. You get the same shoes from Champs, Athletic Attic and other stores in the malls across America for $90.00 to $160.00 a pair, yes you do.

Nike shoes in the 80's did not squeak and had an arch support. I remember I had a pair of "Legends" they were real leather like "Adidas" today. Legends were the grandfather of the Nike "Air Forces" and "Air Jordans". Back then they cost $65.00 which today is around $130.00 in todays inflated money. These Legends were such a good shoe that when they wore out I got them resoled. I bet you can't do that today with a pair of Jordans. Stacy Adams and any other shoe that cost that much can be resoled. Nike are like cigarette disposable lighters and not even a "Bic" disposables.

My opinion Nike wants to make more money even though Nike makes more money in one minute than you or I make in a year. (Nike earned world wide 4.4 billion dollars year 2009, 50 million in 90 days, and 376,000 dollars per minute.)
The way they plan on making more money is to skimp on cost by not putting in arch supports at the cost of 0.5 pennies and the foam or glue with the enough quality not to sqeak to save another 0.5 pennies. Now multiply 2 pennies by the pairs of of tennis shoes Nike sells in a month around the world. That is a lot of $$cheese$$. Stop buying Nikes and having bad feet. Get some New Balances, Etonic, Adidas, Reeboks, or as we used o say back in the day " Don't get the shoes that slip ans slid get the ones with the star on the side "Converse". Seriously F Nike !!! "Forget" about Nike see you thought I meant F Nike.

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