Friday, September 10, 2010

The Average Republican ...Did Obama Cause This

After looking at the numbers for the month there is a net loss of jobs of 67,000. We talk about this administration and the discouragement of growth of business. Now the people are being given the popular opinion that the President is doing a terrible job as President. But they forgot that when he came in to office there was a net job loss every month of 750,000. Three quarters of a million jobs a month lost, down the drain. So would you rather loose $750.00 a month or $67.00. It is the same thing, the money is just something that is small enough to make is sinmple enough to understand. Republicans want the office of President so bad and hate so bad that Black American man is the most powerful man in the world and ouit snookered them. Don't forget the American Black is the most hated person in America. So the have the third richest man in Amercia who is also own the company with that is give off the third largest amount of pollution sin the United States. With all opf his money I believe 35 billion dollars to try and dethrone President Obama. So if that man is trying to get President Obama de-elected next 2012 election, Obama must really be good for the country. The same thing was done to President Clinton. We must stand up and not be dismayed my the rhetoric that is spewed over and over again. A lie if told long enough can it become the truth? Let us spread the truth and change public opinion to the real truth "that the economy is getting better". America has been partying since the end of world war 2. The beginning of the baby boom was the start of the party over 60 years. If you had been drinking for 60 years do how long do you think it will take you to gt clean and sober and into you right mind at least 60. so that is what we are up against. It is going to take a while to clean up. Obama is starting the process of cleaning up America. America should have started cleaning up after the first oil embargo in 1974. We should have at that point started having some sort of oil diet and started weening ourselves and the economy off oil. Instead what do we do give lip service and watch and copmplain that oil is going up so high even $148.00 a barrell which was $4.00 a gallon. Politicians let big business rape the small helpless man. The two political parties are not Democrat and Republican, but Corporatons vs Consumers, big business against small people. Lehaman brothers $140,000 toilet in the CEO's office, WTF and the average 3 bedroom 2bath home is $140,000. What did this toilet do? America was built on the backs of the poor, the immigrant, the most hated the black man of Amercia.

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