Friday, September 24, 2010

A Great Leader

What does it take to become a Great Leader? Some people might think they are a great leader because they have followers. That's not true in most cases. A Great Leader will do the right thing, be a teammate, and have great preparation. The little things can make you a great leader.
In order to become a Great Leader you'll have to do things the right way. Whether in sports or in life there will always be two groups of people, those who do the right things, and those who don't. You'll need to be able to find out who is in what group. And when you do you find out, place yourself in the right crowd. If there is not a good group then you'll need to separate yourself. One of the greatest leaders King David, was separated from every one. You have to know what right and stick to it. Even if some people try to pressure you to do wrong, just have the courage to do the right thing.
Also Great Leaders help others out. In order to be a Great Leader you have to be humble. You can't go around showing off or bragging because people will not want to follow that. You have to learn that you are not better than the guy next to you, whether you are a senior or a boss. You will also have to be willing to help out your peers. it could be a play, a math problem, or issues at the house, a Great Leader will take his personal time to help someone in need out.
Finally a Great Leader will do what it takes to be prepared. Everything from a huge football game to a important speech needs great preparation for great results. In order to have great preparation you will need to block out anything that has nothing to do with whatever you are preparing for. You have to stay focused when you are preparing don't let outside things get in your way. Another thing that will help is go the extra mile,run an extra lap, hit twenty extra balls, or get more in depth with your research. you can never have to much preparation.
If you follow these things and stick with them you'll be the best leader you could be. You just have to keep your head on straight and do the right things. Also help out the man or woman next to you. and finally prepare like your life depends on it. Follow this and people will watch and follow you. This essay written by Marquis Smith of Class of 2013

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