Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Shout Out to "The Angry Black Bitch"...U R Fantastic

Monday, December 06, 2010
You've got to be fucking kidding me...

Happy Monday, y'all!

A bitch is awake, drinking coffee and full of bitchitude.

Shall we?

Word has come down that the Obama Administration is getting their compromise on with the GOP again. This time it’s over the fuck up that keeps on fucking – President Bush II’s tax cuts for the rich. Word is that the Obama Administration is willing to extend those tax cuts for the richest among us in order to get tax cuts for the middle class and the extension of unemployment benefits that is currently being held hostage by a do-nothing lame duck for a reason Congress.

Now there are a lot of sharp angles here, so we’re going to navigate this shit carefully.

Am I the only one who sees that smug ass elephant sipping tea in the middle of the room?
A bitch has been screaming at the television with each news segment covering this shit.

And the chorus asks… “Why are you screaming, Shark-Fu?”

I’m glad you asked!

I’m screaming because no one is asking the question this bitch would ask if my ass got a chance to talk to these fools – what the fuck have the masses gotten out of tax cuts for the rich?

***cue crickets***

Have they created jobs?

Have they stabilized markets?

Have they calmed the business sector?

Have they stimulated anything other than the orgasmic greed of the rich?

***listen as crickets tune up their instruments***


There’s a big assed smug as hell elephant sitting in the middle of the room sipping tea, people! Because the GOP is fixin' to pull one hell of a do-nothing while profiting few tax cut extension hustle…and it doesn’t have to happen.

It doesn’t!

Just once…just one fucking time…I’d like for people to challenge these assholes to break it down – how the hell are these tax cuts a necessary thing when we got into this fubar with the same fucking tax cuts in place and when they will do nothing to address anything other than rich people’s craven need to not participate equally in the capitalist machine?


Moving forward…

Have we really come to this or is this where we’ve been all along?
Food and shelter for the unemployed masses are being held captive by politicians trying to figure out how to prevent rich people from feeling any of the economic horror facing the rest of us.

When we the people are presented the argument that fighting to extend tax cuts for the rich is worth delaying unemployment benefits for hard working average Americans…and that argument is entertained without a full public shaming of the GOP for having the unmitigated gall to articulated it given all that they’re economic policies have put the American people through…all while the present administration cowers whimpering in a political corner they created by inviting that vampire to dinner and discussions in the first fucking place…shit….

…when this is our new reality, we the people have been hoodwinked and bamboozled!

And yes, I’m looking at those that adore tea too – y’all got hustled, ‘cause this shit is politics as usual and you fucked it last night.


But I'm not holding out for a reckoning...not yet, anyway.
A bitch is watching this unfold like a train wreck in slow motion.

By extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, government will extend the status quo. The same status quo that ain’t working for shit. So in reality the Obama Administration is trading unemployment benefits for tax cuts so they can kick the ball down the road a year or two.

The sad thing is we’ve been here before. Or at least some of us have – I’m old enough to remember this trickle-down shit from the Reagan years and trust that it put a hurt on the nation for years.

Hell, I still have nightmares!

But here we are again…listening to the same tired ass promises from all sides and watching the same sorry ass play while these fiends raid out pockets in the coatroom.

I’m not holding out hope for a reckoning…not yet…not in an America where most are comfortable believing that the wages of poverty are hunger, want and need.

The masses are gleefully feasting on Soylent Green and far too many buy the idea that this is the way things need to be…

“Hush your mouth!” they caution.

“Massa gonna give us a slice of that bacon!”


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