Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bring Your A Game "One in a Million" . Upgrade your Game

Young black men are falling for the okey doke. We are being bamboozled. We follow the record executives' plan to mimick the "bad guy", the criminal, the "gansgta". Alot of rappers don't get a record til the get a record deal. They have fallin for the hype they are selling as a result of direction of the record mogul who tells them this is what sells. We love "Scarface" the movie. The jails are filling. No longer are there any state run institutions. Now they are private for profit corporations using slave labor to profit, on top of the stipend they are given each month for each prisoner. It is easier to go to school and use that same entrepreneurial mind to work at a legitimate business that can help pull black folks up and make a profit at the same time. Young men look at this film and get a dose of this ism.

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