Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where Are We As Black People

I am of the same feeling as the South Carolina state Senator Robert Ford, Democrat of Charleston’s. He can remember a time before segregation when black people were a different breed than they are now. I honestly believe that today’s blacks are more mislead, softer and unable to withstand the things that our great and grandparents where able to suffer through, overcome and conquer. We are a weaker people. We are afraid of work even when it comes to looking for work or building a legal business. Our faith has diminished as whole. Those who do go to the house of prayer are bamboozled, hoodwinked and run amuck by small church pastors and mega church pastors. These churches are fundraiser (Malachi 3:10) organization that do not serve the community. Oh and by the way that scripture was from God to the pastors. Start reading at Malachi chapter 2, "Study and show thyself approved". And don't forget what Paul said "I would not have you ignorant". We are told Malachi 3:10 so much we know that by heart, then the pastor misquotes it. Why don’t these mega churches start some factories and put some black folk to work. Let us create a Jew heaven for ourselves "a factory". Manufacture anything Shoes, drawers, jeans anything doggone thing. The number of black businesses is down. The ability to work together is down. The family paradigm is down. Yes, we have more educated blacks now, but with less sense. How many black republicans are there? Where are our leaders at? Those educated persons of the institutions of higher learning that felt a need to represent the masses or at least point us in the right direction?
Martin, Louis, Huey, Malcolm, where are today’s generation of leaders? Don't drink the Kool aid these bishops are not our leaders. We are a lazier people we won't even work to help ourselves or our people. President Obama is not the leader of our race. He is the leader of the Free World. So don't blame him. "Don't hate him, congratulate and support him.

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