Monday, April 4, 2011

Mediocrity and Sub-Par work

Avoid settling for mediocore or sub-par work what you are willing to accept, that becomes your true standards means, that whatever you settle for, will always be what you get in the end. If people see that that you will settle less, thats what they will give you. No matter what they think you really deserve, if they see you except less they will surely give it to you. So sometimes try to exceed goals and standards every chance you get. Try to put your best foot forward, try your hardest and give your all. Amend your expectations, if you are used to getting less, show people that you want more. If you refuse to not settle for mediocore or sub-par work, you will always get the left overs. Sometimes when you think you are doing enough, you forget what you really can do. When you actually apply yourself you are shocked at what you really can do. Always do the best you can do and you wll always have great results.!!
By:Jamia Bateman Tift County High School class of 2012

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