Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking th3 Initiativ3

Wh3n you do som3thing without b3ing told and without 3xpectation of pay God giv3s you compoound int3r3st on top of compound int3r3st.
Wh3n you do not have any 3x3p3ctaions you r3ci3v3 a bl3ssing and good things happ3n to thos3 that do. Doing things without b3ing told does not m3an things happ3n 3asi3r and b3tt3r in your hands. B3ing told to do som3thing m3ans som3on3 f33ls l3ss about th3mselv3s and that th3y don't car3 about things or th3ms3lv3s. Wh3n you do not b3 kind to oth3rs and th3y ar3 kind to you, Th3y ar3 going to g3tthi3g bl3sing and you ar3 not.
Good Things com3 to thos3 that wait. Doing things from the kindn3ss of your h3art m3ans a b3tt3r p3rson. It shouldn't b3 about pay 3v3rytim3 you do som3thing for som3on3. Doing things from th3 h3art mak3s oth3rs f33l good bout you. P3opl3 count th3ir bl3ssings by b3ing kind and not by b3ing told to do som3thing wh3n you alr3ady know it's th3r3 to do. You should just go and do it without b3ing told at anytim3. You can count you bl3ssing, wh3n you do som3thing without b3ing told at any giv3n tim3 and without any 3xp3ctation of pay.
Written by Shannika Dawson Class of 2013 Tift County High School

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