Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Master of Your Universe

I am the Master of my Universe. I have found the genie that was in Alladin's lamp. He doesn’t come out every time I rub the lamp. Maybe there is a special way of rubbing the lamp. He came out a few times for me and granted some small wishes for me in the past. He gives me more or less all the wishes I can think of. Check this out, I don't talk to the genie. I transmit my thoughts to him and he actually recieves them. How do you like them apples? Now hold your caps on for this next thought.
Remember that your thoughts are electric impulses initiated in your mind. The universe will transform your thoughts into material with the greatest of ease. You heard the saying "What the mind can believe the universe can achieve". But it takes some positive thought on your part. Ponder this, every thought that has been ever thought is floating around in space waiting to be called on. Have you ever had a problem or a situation and did not know the answer or the way to proceed? If you stopped in your tracks and gave the problem to the universe most of the time you got the answer. For an example, in the cartoons the light bulb comes up over the persons head when they got a good idea. Hold on to your chair, this is going to get deep. The mind is made of liquid calcium crystal. Just the face of in the old digital watches from the 1980's. That grey metallic stuff. The skull is a calcified calcium crystal. They work together to send and recieve electical impulses, like a short wave radio. Thoughts from the universe that have been floating around come to you with the answer to your situation. Remember in the bible it is said "There is nothing new under the sun". That mean all situations and thoughts. So “As a man thinketh so is he." The universe will make sure of it, in a quick way.

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