Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Second Law of Thermodyamics

Hello everyone I just wanted to get into blogging. Maybe someone will read it, if not it may be therapeutic for me. I wanted to talk about something that is on my mind these days. It is the "Law of Thermodynamics." I believe it's the second law to be precise. It states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. I am not a scientist but I think this maybe the correct definition of the law. Our thoughts are electrical impulses that never dissipate, but manifest themselves in our universe materially. Be careful that your thoughts and feelings are pure, positive.
Be happy always be happy. It’s extremely hard for me to be happy, all the time. Sometimes I put on old R&B music or ole school rap to get my spirits up. Domething I can sing along to and get my head bobbing. The point is stay happy as much as you can. Try not to use negative words stay on the positive side of the fence. Find the one or two good thing out of every situation now matter how bad. Don't use the word br-ke with "o", use abundance, never use the word b-lls, with t the "i" use the thought checks in the mail. For example" You know all these b-lls with "i", keep coming in the mail every day." Try instead say "Everyday I’m gonna get checks in the mail". Look forward and upward to abundance.

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