Thursday, December 25, 2008

DefineYour Future

Try this, think to yourself that you want a parking spot in the front of the store when you go to there. When I do this 95 percent of the time I get a parking spot in front of the door. I pull right in to the parking spot or I wait a couple of minutes for someone to pull out so I can pull in. The universe I believe is like the genie in Alladin's lamp, and the universe says " Your wish is my command."

In the last blog the "Second Law of Thermodynamics" was on my mind and still is. I watched the movie "The Secret". Well the learned ones talked about thought and the universe so I came up with an hypothesis which I believe to be true. My first thought, is that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Now from my crazy thinking I believe thoughts are electrical impuslses that never dissipate and manifest themselves in our universe materially. A girlfriend once told me be careful of what you say because "There is power in the tongue". I know you have heard this other saying "Be careful what you ask for you just might get it". Be really careful of your thoughts and feelings, try to keep them positive. Remember try to keep negative thoughts out of your heart and mind. Keep it very positive, don't think about past opportunities, past loves lost. Keep forward thinking because thoughts of the past may turn into regrets and we just don't have time for that kind of thinking. It can zap all of your energy. Get some sunshine on your face and enjoy this wonderful country we live in. Opportunity is why millions of people come to America. take advantage of this wonderful country. Don't live in the past. Look forward to all the good times you can give others and have for yourself. Get up at sunrise and look at the sun rise. See the sun coming over the horizon and know that everyday is a day to enjoy and enjoy that day. If you are happy your genie will work faster for you. When look at the sun going down on a sunny day, enjoy the thought that the the next day will be sunny also. Enjoy that liquid sunshine ,rain. In the past as a kid I loved playing in the rain. Remember that there is still a kid deep inside of you that wants to play. Have some fun.
Look forward and onward to abundance.

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