Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Hello Mr. President,

Thank you for your embodiment of the "Amercan Dream". You have made an impact on the world with you graciousness and intelligience. I am forever greatful for the inspiration you give. I have an questiion about your transportation, infrastructure and fuel policy for the United States. Sir, I believe that you stimulus package was the right idea. History has shown us that from the great deperssion and the building of the United States Interstate Highway system and other civil service projects of that time and after world war II that the effrts creat meanigful work. Please continue to build and provide jobs. The oil man Pickens during the election had a enregy plan that would cost 150 billion dollars over a ten year period. During the election I believe I heard you the candidate mentioned something of budgeting 15 billion dollars per year for 10 years to energy. Was I correct and if so are you still going to do that? Oil corporations have and are playing financial games with the Amercan people. With record profits exceeding each of the previous years in the billions each year. a concerted effort really needs to be donefor the economic welfare of the population. The bible says the poor will always be with us, and if you give to the poor you loan to God. God is self sufficent and needs no contributions.The depletion of the worlds fossil fuels to below the half way mark will causecatastrophic thought pattern of alarm and that alone will drive up cost to nine to twelve dollars per gallon of gas by in 20 years or less. You know that this is the time for a strong and President used the good examples givent to him by past examples. President Nixon and the CETA program, Reagan's commuication skills, Roosevelt, and Lincoln.


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