Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Master Minds

This is the first lesson plan that I have done. I found out that when the student was ready the teacher would apper. Thnk you Mike for showing up on tim because now I am ready.The First Law of Thermodynamics States that energy is neither created not destroyed. Sexual Transmutaion the transition of low energy to higher energy vibrations.The Brain - A shortwave radio that we are all born with. Creative imagination recieving signals, Subconscious sending signals. The 6th Sense - In this relationship we can open using our creative imagination to recieve electical impulses from the Universe and be in contact with the wisdom that answers the questions of the inhabitants of that Universe. We can pose question to the Universe and recieve the answers in electrical impulses from the people who have the answers to these questions through their experience and the known science of the past and future. We can be given the answers through electronic vibrations transmitted to us.. All the thoughts that have ever been thought are in the Universe waiting for strong enough vibrations to be sent so that they can be sent to the person in need of the information. All of Thomas Edisons thoughts. All ofAbraham Lincoln's thoughts are available to the person whose thoughts, emotions and subconcious have high enough vibrations. Using auto suggestion to program our subconcious to send out signals contiousley to a prescribed end. Having faith and keeping our thoughts on the seven positive thoughts that increas our thoughts electrical vibrations such as desire, sex, love, faith, hope,romance and enthusiasm and creative imagination open and receptive. The "State of Mind" controls. Can we picture or see in our minds eye an entire film of what we want to happen, to see it clearly and feel the emotion. Or do we see only the negative ending. Visualize daily the entire scene in a three minute period feeling the emotions that go along with it. Act with surety and good feeling from a postive scene with a positive outcome sending out strong positive vibrations. Let us move not in fear but in hope. Do not accept unsolicited critisicm that changes our thoughts of ourselves, or what we wear, do, or think. Do not be self conscious, nervous or timid. Have and maintain good posture, be self assured and let your voice reflect your self assurance. Make a decision also be charming and have confidence in your thoughts and demand respect for you ideas, Who can say you are wrong when creative imagination will always be right. In Robing Williams' movie the "Dead Poet Society" had a signature phrase. What was the phrase, latin Carpe Diem "Seize the Day" . If you don't remember research it and remember it. Eat well, exerxcise. and be confindent in the good habits you form for a long life and healthy livng.

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