Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swiftness in Business vs Endurance

Napoleon Hill ,
Chapter 1. Introduction .
I have read several chapters in the book and have been very impressed and thankful for the guidance given. The first chapter made me reflect on past achievement and failures. I have had many opportunities to succeed greatly in life but do to my bad judgment and decisions I am busted again. G_d I hate the thought of failing again. I have been blessed to meet some people on my journey through life that have been key to past success however short lived. One was man named Irv who mentored me in real estate investing ion Miami. With no money just the desire I purchased two homes. I was well on my way to five and I am sure a much greater success ahead. I came across a home that I would have bought and sold the same hour with a forty thousand dollar profit but because I didn't want to pay someone fifteen thousand I lost that deal . Later by someone else I was sued for failure to fulfill a contract because of my failure to replace ten windows promptly. The reason for not acting promptly is I was trying to say money by looking for the better deal than just going out and purchasing. I accept the fault . These two failures ended my success as a real estate investor. Later perhaps a couple of years down the road I owned a small trucking company and got angry one day and fired my driver and went bankruptcy and lost my homestead. I now don't even remember today what was angry about. But I can remember but I do remember earning sixty dollars an hour gross pay, twenty four hours a day every day whether I worked or not. Boy I hate my failures as a decision maker. The last venture I had lasted only 8 months before sabotaged it. I was a party planner of sorts with an average income of fifty- seven hundreds dollars a week. Again to my regret I was not able to control my anger and again fired my employees. I hope I have learned that there is a marriage between employer and employee and that compromises have to be made in that relationship, that is if you are in it for the long ride.I have the desire and will to succeed I just don’t know how to endure. Dr. Hill says that age is of no factor in success. So despite my age there is time left for my creating enduring success. You know like the bible says "The race is not to the swift but to those who endure." I am swift but not enduring and I recognize that I have a major problem. I have been married several times . Will I ever learn? Perhaps the answer is I start the business and let someone else run it. Perhaps there is an correction that I can use for my perfection in business. Please if you have the answer or have experienced this phenomenon and have found a solution please leave a comment.

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