Monday, February 8, 2010

Consumerism versus Capitalism

In America there are two types of people; owners/workers, buyers/sellers. But really if we look at the types of people in America there are only two, capitalist and consumers. My definition of a capitalist is a person that takes to the market a product or service to a sell for a profit. A consumer uses the free market to buy goods and services at a price mark up. The United States of America represents the best in "capitalism". People have been coming from all over the world to America for a hundred years to pursue their dream. We now in these dire economic times now have an opportunity to as conumers to buy from top name stors at a discount, online with free shipping, and get money back without leaving the comfort of the kitchen table, our desk, the bed or where ever your laptop or desk top is. You can go to and shop at the Armani Exchange, Nordstroms, Macy's, The Limited, Walmart, Brandsmart over 700 stores, we ahve something for everyone. Just click on "go shopping", register, and start shopping. Now if you are a capitalist and want to make a commission off of everything bought from your own internet mall send me a note, and we will talk. My business is travel. I love to golf and go on golf vacations at a discount. With my own travel website I get a discount squared and commission on my travel. Get stearted shpopping, travelling , or selling. Love, Peace and Happiness

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