Friday, February 19, 2010

Excuses; Tool of the Medioccre

Excuses are the tools of the mediocre person.

Below is an statement from a interview with Michael Vick in 2010 " There was a lot more I could have done off the field and in the film room that could have elevated my game to a different level. I was complacent at the time, somewhat lazy and I settled for mediocrity. I thought that I was doing enought. If I really would have been applying myself. That's a regret that I have."

Excuses are not an option. Do the job and do it well. Excueses are ways to cover up sopmeones mediocrity. One shouldn't use excuses to why they didn't do something. This person should state why they did't do it and say so honestly. Being mediocre isn't a achievement. People should strive to be better thatn mediocre. Doing you best and being the head of the class in everything you do is aver achieving mediocrity.

Never settle for less, the sky is the limit. Set high standards to be successful and accomplish your goals for your future. Without doing your best could cause you to lose your job or a spot in a starting line up. Think of it as competition. "If you're not first you're last."

There are a lot more someone could do do to improve their abilities to an higher level. Do not think you are doing enough because you can always do more. People should let go of laziness and start applying themselves to exceed the goals. Determination and pushing oneself can be ways of apshing past mediocrity. Excuses are not an option do the job and do it well !!!!

Essay written by Quantavius Morgan of Tift County High School 12th grade.

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