Friday, February 5, 2010

Thought versus Reality

"Before anything can become a reality it must first be a thought."
I think that that if you think of something then it can actually come true.
I want to be an interior designer in the future. I feel as if this quote is going to follow me around throughout my career. When designing a house I have to think it out before I just start decorating. Imust take into consideration the likes and dislikes of my client. If they want to a warm cozy room, and I paint the walls lime green then I didn't do my job right. Working in this kind of business means that my thioughts are someone elses reality, and I must do everything right. (02/05/10 Samatha Young TCHS)

"The want to win is nothing without the dedication to work for it."
I think this means that if you want something without working for it, you will never reach it. If you aren't dedicated, and if you aren't doing what is needed to get where you need to be, then you arent getting anywhere. You have to be dedicated. Without dedication you have no drive. If I was to say I needed a job, but never actually got up and filled out applications or made and attempt to go out and look, then I must not want a job that badly because I'm not dedicated to it. (2/05/10 Samatha Young TCHS)

"To get what you want you have to do what others don't."
To me this meand if your want something bad enough you will do what ever is necesay to get it yo will never give up and nothing will stop you. You put your mind to it, so you are gooing to reach yor goal. If people are doing something, you are going to do the same thing first and better. you will be the best you can be and no matter what you will get betterat at whatever you are doing. The more you do it the easier it becomes. If your friend sat at home and ate popcorn all day, you are not foing to join them. you are going to do what ever helps you and what ever that is is going to help you. "You get what you get when you do what you do."(02/05/10 Samatha Young TCHS)
Samantha Young is a llth grader at TCHS.

Background: In ISS have 25 quote in my room. When a new student comes in I ask that they copy all of quotes down. After copying all of them I ask that they pick out 3 that mean something to them. Interesting enough the 3 that they pick tell me about their mindset. After discussing the quotes that they picked I ask them to write a one page essay on each individual quote explaining why each quote means something to them.

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