Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excuses Are the Tools of The Mediocre

I picked this one because if you make an excuse for everything you can't accomplish or can't complete you will be a failure. I know I do not want to be mediocre. So I try my hardest at whatever I am attempting. Fill life's toolbox with traits and techniques you learn from failure. When I read this it makes me think of a poor loser, like something they would say just to get out of doing the work to make themselves better.when life knocks you down the most respectable thing to do is get back up and not ask why. Patience is another tool that is vital for victory. Like in wrestling you re patient to wait for the right time to strike. you don't ask your opponent why he beat you, you learn from it. You also strive harder and harder to be the best. . I believe that the best quote for wrestling would be "No excuses". When your opponent beats you in a match the most respectable thing you could do is pick yourself up and shake their hand. This is how I relate this quote to my life. I live my life by no Excuses / I fo everything for a reason and I stand by my reasones. I will not make up an excuse just because one of the things I do doesn't please someone else. I will apologize but I will not make an excuse. After I read the book "No Excuses" by Kyle Mazard, it changed my perspective on life. Kyle is a congenital amputee who learned with no excused to accomplish whatever he wanted in life. I hope to be like Kyle to have no excuses in life. John Davis 11th grade Wrestling Team, Class of 2012

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