Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Want to Win Is Nothing Without the Dedication to Work

"The Want to Win Is Nothing Without the Dedication to Work" to me that means you can have a goal or dream, but if your are not putting toward the effort to achieve, it doesn't matter. You can't hope you'll have a big house, a nice car, or be wealthy if you're on the couch all day. To achieve something you must be dedicated to doing whatever to reach that goal. I understood that it is not often that someone becomes successful by doing nothing. Those who put in effort are th ones who reach thir goals. Those who don't value the time they have will always be in the same position. I personally have goals and dreams and I'm willing to strive for them. It is not a day go by I don't think and try to improve my plan to reach success. I also have have more than one plan to becoming wealthy. The reason for that is in case one plan doesn't work I have a back up. The inspiration behind that is I was told to
"Hope for the best and prepare for the worst" a quote by Benjamin Franklin. What also keeps me going is those I hang with. The reason I say that is for instance if your hang with some who isn't about anything themself "9" out "10" times you are just the same. Ilike to aroun preople who got something for going for themselves becaue I'm about the something they are about. Quinton Whitehead 10th grade student at Class of 2013

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