Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"To Get What You Want You Have to do What Other People Dont"

This slogan speaks to me. It tells me different things when I put a lot of thought into it. The first thing I think when I see this slogan is not to follow the crowd. If you follow th crowed that is doing the wrong thing and not doing what they are supposed to do then you are headed down the wrong path and will never get anywhere in life or get where you what you want. Also when I think about this slogan it screams do the right thing!!! Don't do drugs they will not get you anywhere. That kind of falls in ths same category as don't follow th crowd but, they are kind of different to me. Drugs are what your deicde to do on your own. You have your own mind and no one else should get in your head and make you do anything that you know isn't right. When you follow the crowd you could skip class that will look bad on you just as much as the people who talked you into it. On the other hand drugs and gang banging I frown upon, that is where this slogan played a big role where it says to get what you want you got to do what other don't. Bsically to sum this up if you do drugs and skip class, gang violence or illegal or bad things your setting y ourself up for failure. To get what you want don't do what other people do, if you want to get somewhere. Taylor Cannady 1lth grade at class of 2012.

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