Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Does It Mean To Want Something?

A serious question only you can answer. To want is something that most people think should be given to them. They think of it as dreams that magically become reality. I think to want something is to work your hardest at getting it.
I always thought things were supposed to be handed to me. It's a little obvious that I was wrong. I couldn't figure out why I was never successfull at anything, I never studied, practiced nor did I ever give 100% effort. I was basically known as wasted talent. I now believe maturity is a big factor in life when it comes to wanting something. As I hae matured I now realize that a starting spot will not be handed to me because of my last name or a 100% on a test will not be given due to the fact that I have potential. The main things I have to do to recieve the things I want is to work hard, think bigger than my dreams, and strive everday until I earn it. So to answer my question, "What do mean to want something?". It means the choice is left up to you and what you are gooing to do to recieve it. Austin McCant Class of 2013

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