Thursday, October 7, 2010

Before It Can Become A Reality It Must First Be a Thought

The quote "Before it can become a real it must first begin as a thought." There are several reasons I chose this quote to write an essay on; first is because once you read this quote then you start questioning yourself and what it means. I feel that if people didn't think then we wouldn't have food, government, homes, clothes or maybe we wouldn't be here. If no one would have thought about houses, then everyone would be living on the streets. The clothes and shoes that you have on were thought of by someone. If we didn't have thoughts we wouldn't have a world. Thinking about things is the only way it is going to become a reality. Many people may think the things that they have today fell out of the sky, but they are wrong. It went through someone's mind as a thought and out as a realtiy. Once you have read this quote tell me what it made you think about. did you know that the new 2011 Air Jordan's are designed by a woman. Class of 2013 Deneasha Armour

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