Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Create My Universe With My Thoughts

"My Happy Place"
I can smell the salty air, hear the sea gulls, and feel the sand between my toes. The waves are crashing and the mist them feels nice. I can her Julie screaming for ther dog Singer to wake up. I want to run to her and warn her but I can't. I am sitting in my bed reading a book, "The Guardian". I have created my own universe with my thoughts while reading my book, it feels like I'm there.
One of my favorite escapes is reading a book especially when I am down and need a break from the real world. A mypopic amount of real people don't like to read but they don't know how great it is when you can escape by reading. It is also possible by imaginig any place you want to be and anyone you want to be.
Life is stressful and crazy sometimes. Everyone needs a way to relax and get away from there stressors. Imagining and reading are the perfect ways of creating another universe where your real problems don't exist. Mary Beth McIntyre Class of 2011

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