Monday, January 5, 2009

Over Population

Over population in the world is a very hard subject to approach. There must be something done about this before the population depletes of all our natural resources. The earth is growing by about one percent per year. Think about it, one percent is sixty million of the six billion people, that is more than enough to make the fossil fuel a thing of the past. Our use of fossil fuels is creating the " Green House Effect" which is going to be a prophesy self fulfilled. You know the bible scripture which said that God would not destroy the earth by water the next time but by fire. But that is another story. By the year 2019 half of he fossil fuels will be gone and the supply will be on the downslope. The zenith of our fuel rescources are past on its way to depletion. At that point oil will go up to about 350 to 400 USD per barrel relating to 10 - 12 dollars per gallon. The water supply because of the green house effect will start to be depleted. Arab countries now are contemplating the towing of glaciers to their reigon by barge for their water supply. With the growth of the population in South America, the rain forest being cut down (deforestation) to provide housing, the oxygen is not being created by the plant life at the rate needed. Also the whole in the ozone will increase more rapidly because of this.
This brings us to the problem with AIDS, the Bird Flu and other epidemics that can become pandemics. Is this a planned way to preserve the planets resources. It has been said that the planet can only support five billion people. Are humans like a virus that grows and grow until the host can no longer support it and dies? If so what happens to the virus? If there is a solution that will save this planet for future generations, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, "Think Green".

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