Thursday, January 22, 2009

Energy Transmutaion

Dear Reader this is a lesson plan from a wonderful lady named Connie. We are part of a Master Mind group. This is a few thoughts on a chapter out of Napolean Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich". I like this particular chapter because I gives me another part on getting in touch with the thoughts that have been thought and are in the Universe waiting tfor extraction by a person in need. This also answers another question which is ,"Why are most millionaire married to hteir high school Sweetheart?" The name of the chapter is
"The Mystery of Sex Transmutation".
In the first sentence Hill states what he means by 'transmute', changing a form of energy into another. Then number 3. jumps out at me. Transforming mediocrity into genius. This intense, power is within us when we flip the switch from thoughts of physical expression to creative effort...The discovery of this may lift us to genius. People who use the Sixth Sense, this creative imagination freely and with understanding are genii. They have the direct link between their finite mind and the mind of the InfiniteIntelligence. When ideas flash into our minds, they come from SOMEWHERE. Either the Infinite Intel-ligence, my subconscious mind, another person's mind who released the idea through conscious thought or from another person's subconscious storehouse. When our mind is stimulated by one or more ofthe ten in the list it is vibrating at a higherrate. We are then lifted to this higher planeof thought. Creativity is freed for action.
Our sixth sense becomes willing and quick to receive knowledge or ideas. This can only be developed by use.
Highly sexed people have an energy of charisma. When this force is improved, refined and understood it is used to great advantage in relationships between people.
People are drawn to this energy, like a moth to light. Leaders must have the quality of creativeimagination. Many times it is discovered,it responds, and it is used as a result ofthe stimulation of love. We all possess this sex energy, or whatordinary people accept as the sex urge,but ordinary people do not understand it potential. The genius controls and changes this desire into some OTHER FORM of desire and actionwhich lifts them to higher levels of creativeimagination. I learn from this chapter if you LACK sex energy, you will never become enthusiastic or inspire others with intense emotion. Changing this form of energy calls for great will power. Those who find it difficult to call it to action may gain this ability and the reward is worth the effort. When the sex desire and the emotion of love are mixed, when these two beautiful emotions are blended, this brings about a state ofmind that becomes spiritual.
Ignorance or indifference of sex, love and romance causes interest to die in a partner. Sadly it is a slow death. The end of the chapter reveals that men are motivated by a force to please the right woman of their choice. This powerful motivation helps men achieve success.
Michael and Linda, your love for each otheris a shining example for the rest of us from the heart of one, who wants to 'get this' effort will be rewarded.
Connie Loeschen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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