Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why People Hurt Those Who Care or Love Them.

First let me ask for the forgiveness of those who I have hurt while they were kind to me. Thank you sincerely.
Why are people most hurtful to the ones who love or nicest to them?
We are mean and hurtful to those who love us, not because they let us get away with it., But because we don't now how to accept love.They do everything they can for us because they love us. Most people can get over on a person like this. We know that the person can not continue to be nice and loving regardless of how we treat them. Most expect more from a people.

In my opinion you can only do so much for some one. If you continue to be nice, helpful to someone and they hurt you in any kind of way, it is time to stop. Some people aren't ever going to appreciate what you do for them no matter how hard your try. If a person allows this to happen over a long periods of time, to me it is considered weakness. The mean person senses this and therefore has strength over you. A weak person always gets the bad end of any situation. Bottom line is if you allow someone to hurt you they are going to do it. They might even do it continously. If they can get away with it and be hurt you are bound to get hurt. These people are not hurtful to those who protective of self to them mainly because they are trying to win their favor and knows that the mean person will not put up with any mess. It is unfortunate that the strong are taking advantge of the weak. For the weak, it is a mind over matter situation. It is up to them to stop being hurt because chances are the other isn't going to stop hurting the weak. The weak only has to have a made up mind not to allow it anymore.
To mothers why is it that when a child hears the voice of their father that they almost immediatley if not immediately do as told? The child hears and feels strength. Be firm even though it uncomfortable. Please single mothers become strong and inforce your law especially on the boys. also Advice to the opportunist don't take a persons kindness for weakness, you might get you head bust down to the fat meat.

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